Each year, ILRI conducts an International Course on Land Drainage, which lasts three months. This is a post-graduate, mid-career course for persons engaged in the planning, design, and management of agricultural land drainage, or involved in research and training in these fields.

Other regular courses are the International Course on Computer Applications in Irrigation and Drainage (ICCAI/ICMALD), the International Course on Drainage Execution and Maintainance(ICDEM), the International Course on Institutions for Water Management (ICIW) and the International Course on Water Management in Irrigation Systems (ICWIS).
S ince 1990, ILRI and the International Institute for Hydraulic Engineering/IHE in Delft have been jointly conducting the Advanced Course on Appropriate Modernization and Management of Irrigation Systems.

ILRI staff act as lecturers in The International Course on Water-Related Subjects for Geologists, organized by ILRI in collaboration with the International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences in Enschede.

Upon request, ILRI conducts short courses for groups of engineers and scientists from a particular country.

Abroad, ILRI collaborates with universities and institutions in organizing custom-tailored courses to meet local needs. Such courses have been held in Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Pakistan, and Peru.


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