Welcome to our new website. ILRI is a business unit of Alterra since June 2001 and we are now known as Alterra-ILRI.

Our 1955 mandate to collect and disseminate knowledge for better, and sustainable, use of land and water resources, especially in developing countries is still central to our work but our focus is also on Europe. Advances in management of ecosystems in relation to agricultural production and the latest insights in stakeholder participation are central in our new approaches to drainage and irrigation.

Our knowledge is focussed on innovative measures in water management (“water works”) in an environment where different cultures, stakeholders and disciplines are brought together (“worlds meet”).

Alterra-ILRI is a service oriented not-for-profit organisation. Together with the Wageningen Agricultural University we now form the Wageningen University and Research Centre (Wageningen UR) in which all knowledge for a secure environment and food supply is represented. With this expansion and merging we hope to achieve trans-disciplinary synergy and serve our clients and target groups even better through research, advising and training.


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